Quarto movimento - performance for a single person

Stefano Romano & Eri Çobo & Martina Dierico


Borders have become a topic on the International Agenda, a topic discussed in the parliaments of the world as well as in neighborhood bars. What appears apparently paradoxical is perhaps the fact that the world has become smaller thanks technological discoveries and we have the feeling we’re still unprepared to the consequences of the new born societies. The so-called "invasion" of immigrants has faced especially Europe with its own principles necessaries to its existence as a supranational entity. The reactions in the various Member States to the arrival of these people is obviously linked to the possibility to overturn governments and take leadership positions, using misinformation and populism. Our work starts from these reflections, using one of the belonging symbols par excellence, the national anthem. The European Union chosen as its anthem the fourth movement of the 9th symphony of Beethoven (named Ode to Joy) that becomes the subject of our work and that we use to reflect on topics like unity, borders, and migration and the need to rethink the Community of Nations in which we live.


The audience is bring one at a time into a space where he is faced with a musician who plays for him the score of his own instrument of the European Hymn. At the end of the execution (which lasts more or less one and a half minutes, as well as the duration of the Ode to Joy), the person go out leaving a place to another person facing another musician with another instrument of the orchestra repeating the performance, playing for that person the score for his own instrument of the European Hymn.

So each person meet and ear each time a single instrument. The idea is to de-construct the Hymn by returning a feeling of solitude and lack.

Performance / video documentation